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Tofayal’s Story

Tofayal suffered a brain haemorrhage in 2013 which sadly resulted in a brain injury.

This is Tofayal’s story

At 38 years old – Tofayal was discharged from a rehabilitation centre and returned to his home with his wife and two young children. After some time at home, Tofayal’s family decided to look for a residential service which specialised in acquired brain injury rehabilitation. His short-term memory loss lead to significant changes in his personality and mood – as a result his family sought the support of Chandos Road to aid his recovery.

Working together for a positive outcome

Working in partnership with Precious Homes In-House Multi-Disciplinary Team, the team at Chandos have worked with Tofayal to increase his self-management skills, re-learn daily living skills and increase his communication and understanding. As a result, he has achieved some significant achievements and outcomes in just over one year including Tofayal accepting and understanding his brain injury; increasing his short term memory and understanding how to manage changes in his health. Tofayal also took the lead on arranging a Christmas Meal for Chandos Road at the end of last year. Planning the event was a great experience for Tofayal to focus on his cognitive processing, retaining of information and confidence.

Tasks like this really aid his rehabilitation in this area and help to increase his skills. The event being such a success was a real testament to how much Tofayal’s memory has improved.

Maintaining vital relationships

The team at Chandos Road have worked closely throughout with his wife and family to maintain vital relationships, as well as provide emotional support and aid their understanding. By taking one step at a time they have worked through phase one of his rehabilitation journey—celebrating achievements as a team along the way.

The ultimate goal

The ultimate goal has always been for Tofayal to move back home to his family. As he moves into stage two of his rehabilitation, which will include overnight stays with his family, the vision is that this time next year Tofayal will be successfully living at home with his wife and children once again – a fantastic goal and outcome for Tofayal!