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How We Work

Teams from across the organisation work together to deliver support that helps people to achieve their goals. Find out more about how we work.

Specialist care, tailored support

At Precious, our aim is for people to live happy and fulfilled lives, with the support that they need to achieve that. We work closely with the people supported at Precious, as well as their families and other professionals, to tailor support around people’s specific needs and preferences.

Ensuring Quality Care

We have robust measures and audits in place to ensure we continually improve the quality of the support we provide. Our approach to quality runs throughout all that we do, from the provision of support to recruiting the right people.

Clinical Support Team

Our Clinical Support Team is made up of specialists from different disciplines, who work closely together to deliver additional support and expertise to the people we support. Our in-house team enables us to provide support quickly and efficiently.


We are committed to embedding PBS throughout the organisation. At its very core, PBS is about treating people with respect, putting their needs at the centre, and enabling them to achieve the quality and enjoyment of life that everyone aspires to.

Transition Planning

Timely and safe transitions of care are vital to ensuring people receive the support they require, in the right place and at the right time. Our transition process ensures continuity of care and delivers the best possible support and outcomes for every individual.

Inclusive Support

We believe that the people who use our services should have the opportunity to influence the way that care and support are designed and delivered. We strive to develop meaningful and equal partnerships between people who use our services and the professionals involved in their care.

Working with Families

We see families as a vital part of the team that helps to plan, shape and evolve the support we offer. We work closely with families to understand needs, likes, and history, and gather ongoing and open feedback that can help shape the support provided.

Referrals and Assessments

Our referrals and assessment process ensures that we offer the right support to meet people’s needs. Find out more.