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Specialist support for people with additional health needs

Many of the people we support have a secondary diagnosis or additional health needs. Our teams are equipped to support them holistically. 

Who we support

At Precious, our support is focused on autistic adults, people with learning disabilities, people with ABI and those with a range of physical disabilities. With over 25 years years of experience in supporting people with disabilities, we understand that many of the people we support may have additional, and often complex, health needs in addition to their main diagnosis.

Bespoke support and environments

As well as meeting physical health needs by assisting with medication, offering support via our in-house Clinical team and facilitating access to community health provision, we also have experience of supporting individuals with a range of associated mental health needs, including Bipolar Disorder, Personality Disorders, Anxiety & Panic Disorders, OCD and Depression.

Our teams undergo training that is specific to the individual needs of every person they support, ensuring that they have the understanding and skills required to offer excellent support. 

"People’s individual needs were assessed, and comprehensive care plans and risk assessments were in place to help staff support people in accordance with their preferences. Robust quality assurance systems and a strong learning culture contributed to continual development and progression of the service.”
CQC report, Gloucester Community Services

A holistic approach

Our support is designed to achieve the best possible mental and physical health for people by understanding their needs holistically.

We work with the people we support, as well as families, professionals and other supporters, to make sure we fully understand every person’s individual needs and provide tailored to support that helps them to achieve a good quality of life.