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Specialist Autism Support

At Precious, we specialise in supporting autistic adults. We offer personalised support which evolves to meet the specific needs, interests and skills of everyone that we support.

Support that works for autistic people

Our teams undertake autism-specific training from the start of their journey with Precious, ensuring that they have the knowledge and skills to support people to the best of their ability. Our National Autistic Society accredited trainer ensures that all of our teams embrace continual improvement and best practice in support for autistic people.

Tailored support, positive outcomes

We understand that one size does not fit all and that different people have different needs. That’s why we shape our support to meet the needs and abilities of everyone we support.

We take the time to get to know each person, to gain an understanding of any strengths, challenges, anxieties, and needs. This helps us to identify the kind of support that fits and helps to deliver positive outcomes. Support is tailored to the needs of every person – whether it is based around routine and structure, building independence and confidence, reducing anxiety, or ensuring that sensory and/or communication needs are met.

Many of the supported living and residential homes we manage have been adapted to provide specialist equipment and environments, including sensory rooms and gardens, trampolines, and low arousal areas.


"People’s individual needs were assessed, and comprehensive care plans and risk assessments were in place to help staff support people in accordance with their preferences. Robust quality assurance systems and a strong learning culture contributed to continual development and progression of the service.”
CQC report, Gloucester Community Services

Positive Behaviour Support

Our support is rooted in Positive Behaviour Support. In simple terms, this means treating people with respect, putting their needs at the centre, and enabling them to achieve the quality and enjoyment of life that everyone aspires to.

By working closely with the people we support, we can make sure that their choices and goals are heard, respected, and actioned. PBS enables us to identify which areas of support will be most helpful to each individual. By really understanding people’s needs, and any associated behaviours, we can work to change our approach, our systems, and our support to reduce challenging behaviours and make them unnecessary.

Supported living for autistic adults

We offer supported living and supported living plus options for autistic adults. This allows people to manage their own tenancies and maintain independence while accessing support – from a few hours a day to full-time support.

Residential Care for autistic adults

For people with more complex support needs, our residential care provides one-to-one care and support. Our residential homes give autistic adults the opportunity to live together and receive 24-7 support from our highly trained and dedicated teams.