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Inclusive support

At Precious, we believe that the people who use our services, and their families or supporters, should have the opportunity to influence the way that care and support is designed and delivered.

Working in partnership

We’re working hard to ensure that this belief is reflected – in both strategy and practice – throughout the organisation.

In practice, this means developing meaningful and equal partnerships between people who use our services and the professionals involved in delivering their care. We believe that tapping into and learning from people’s lived experiences can help to improve the support we offer and we are working hard to find new ways to gather and implement feedback.


What does co-production look like at Precious?

We are committed to a process of continuous improvement and are working to further include the people we support in shaping what we do and how we do it.

To achieve this, we have recently consulted with a group of volunteers from amongst the people supported at Precious. The group has worked together to produce a survey that will go to everyone who uses our services. The survey – which is available in a range of formats to ensure it is accessible to all – is designed to gather feedback and implement positive changes to the way that support, services, and the wider organisation operate.

This information will inform our ongoing strategy, including increasing the involvement of the people we support wherever practicable, including recruitment and induction of new team members; influencing how services are run and managed; getting involved with forums and/or quality checking; and generally having more say over how support is provided.

Ultimately, we want all of the people we support to be involved in shaping Precious. They should be involved as much as they want and are able, regardless of learning disability. A working group has been set up to find more ways to engage and involve people in coproducing care and support. 

The principles we follow

We subscribe to the principles of co-production – or user involvement – as defined by the social care institute for excellence, covering equality, diversity, accessibility and reciprocity:


Co-production starts from the idea that no one group or person is more important than anyone else and everyone has skills, abilities and time to contribute.


Co-production should be as inclusive and diverse as possible. Particular efforts may be needed to ensure that seldom heard groups are included.


Making everything accessible is the way to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to participate fully in an activity in the way that suits them best. 


Reciprocity means people get something back for putting something in. This can come from the more equal relationships that develop between people and organisations.