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Skills development, training and mentoring

Find out how we support our team to have a successful career in care.

Developing our team

Whether you are totally new to care, or an old hand with plenty of experience, our focus on skills development will support you to succeed in your role.

Qualities before qualifications

When looking for Precious people, we focus on values.

If you’re kind, believe in equality and involving people in their support, have a passion to help people progress and believe that everyone should have a great quality of life, then we want to hear from you. These values and beliefs are vital, skills can be taught and developed.

A Precious Induction

A good induction is essential to help you find your feet and equip you with the basic skills, knowledge and understanding you need to do your job well. As well as getting to know who is who (and what’s what) the induction will introduce you to the Precious values, culture and the legal framework under which we operate, including Care Quality Commission (CQC) and safeguarding.

Coaching and mentoring

We believe that coaching and mentoring is a vital part of equipping people with the practical skills they need to be a good care worker. From day one, you’ll have a team in place who are there to support, mentor and coach you. By equipping you with the skills and support of an experienced team, we empower you to provide the very best quality care and support.

We place a real focus on recruiting from within and promoting career advancement opportunities across our teams as part of our values-led recruitment initiative.
Head of HR

Career progression and qualifications

At Precious, we believe in promoting from within. There are lots of opportunities for development and some great examples of people who have started their careers as support workers and developed into managerial roles.

As well as providing learning opportunities directly related to the specific needs of people you support, we also support our team to pursue formal qualifications. You will have regular conversations with your line manager to discuss the things that are important to you. During these sessions, you will agree on goals, share your thoughts on how things are going, and identify any areas for development.