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Types of support

The support we offer is focused on helping people to live more independently and to achieve their personal goals.

Achieving individual goals

We are proud to offer a range of options, including bespoke environments and support types that meet the differing needs of everyone that we work with. The support we offer is focused on individual goals and needs – whether that’s making the bed, learning to cook, attending youth club, getting a job, or going to college. Support is tailored to individual needs and requirements and can be anything from a few hours a day to a 24-hour support team.

Bespoke support and environments

We know that what’s right for one person may not be suitable for another – and so, our approach is to shape provision so that we can be responsive to behavioural, sensory, or physical needs.

We work collaboratively with people looking for a new home, involving families, supporters, and professionals to find the right environment and support. This allows us to take a creative and tailored approach, working at the planning stages of all placements to look at what people really need and adapting or creating the right service around them. 

I really love going into an environment and looking at the various sensory, physical and social elements that could be adjusted to make life better – Is it too loud? Is it too bright? Is there enough space? Are there aids that could help people to be more independent?
Stephanie, in-house Occupational Therapist

Types of support

Our support and accommodation falls into four main categories:

Residential Care

Our residential services provide care and support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We provide positive, stimulating, and individualised environments, with a focus on promoting independence and wellbeing and delivering better outcomes for the people we support.

Supported Living+

Our Supported Living Plus model provides a cluster of individual flats alongside communal space. This balances opportunities for developing independence with access to social opportunities and activities to reduce the risk of social isolation.

Supported Living

Our Supported Living model provides each person with a tenancy in their own self-contained flat. This type of accommodation and support is tailored to individual needs and designed to support people who are largely independent and who are working towards living independently.

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