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Working with families

Families are a vital part of the Precious team, helping us to deliver the best possible support.

How we involve families

We know that families are the experts. You know your loved one’s needs, likes, dislikes, personality, and history better than anyone else. For this reason, we see families as a vital part of the team that helps to plan, shape and evolve the support we offer. 

This includes being involved in choosing accommodation and shaping support, providing feedback, getting involved in reviews, and attending regular meetings and events.

An ‘open house’ ethos

We take a personalised approach to communicating with families. Our Registered Managers will share, news, successes, and updates in whatever way suits you, from a chat on the phone to an email or even instant messaging. Our Managers are great at finding inventive ways to bridge communication barriers, including downloading translation apps to communicate non-English speaking parents.

While we love to celebrate success, we also have a huge focus on continuous improvement. We encourage your concerns and worries to be voiced so that issues can be resolved efficiently and effectively. Our clear and robust complaints policy enhances this message.

We pride ourselves on our ‘open house’ ethos across our services, with family and friends dropping in for a visit whenever they would like to.

I really love going into an environment and looking at the various sensory, physical and social elements that could be adjusted to make life better – Is it too loud? Is it too bright? Is there enough space? Are there aids that could help people to be more independent?
Stephanie, in-house Occupational Therapist

Making the right choice

Choosing or changing your loved one’s support provider can be a very difficult decision. The Precious team is on hand to offer advice, information and support.

Information and advice: There is a lot of information out there! We are happy to help you to navigate and understand all of the information and resources available to you.

Comprehensive initial assessment: This initial assessment is really important in helping to understand needs and abilities and find the right support.

Person-centred support and transition planning: We know that change can be hard. We will do all we can to make the transition to a new home as easy as possible.

Understanding options: We build support and housing around the needs of your family member, adapting the environment to their needs rather than the other way around.

Types of support