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Ensuring Quality Care

As one of the leading care providers, we are fully committed to continuous improvement in a bid to providing the best quality care and support.

Our vision is ‘to be a provider of choice and supporter of progress in life’.

To enable us to do this we need a range of processes to ensure compliance with external contracts and regulations as well as internal policies, procedures and expectations. These processes will help ensure that our services are of a good quality and set the foundations for them to aspire to be outstanding.

How we measure quality

To ensure quality across all of our services, we have a range of checks in place.

Commitment to quality processes

At Precious, our approach to quality runs throughout all that we do, from the provision of support to recruiting the right people.


We believe that providing a good quality service starts with recruiting the right people. Our recruitment process is focused on values, ensuring that the people we employ reflect our values and ethos.

Induction and Training

Once we’ve found people who share our core values, we welcome them into the business with a strong induction that gives them the knowledge and skills they need to do a great job. All employees have annual training and courses designed around the needs of the people they support. Everyone at Precious is actively encouraged to pursue ongoing learning opportunities to develop their knowledge and career.

Ongoing Investment in Our People and Teams

Continuous professional development is really important to us at Precious. As well as an ongoing learning and development programme, all team members will receive regular supervision and appraisals and be expected to attend regular monthly meetings to share best practice and opportunities for continuous improvement.

Our Processes and Systems

We have a range of different information sources, processes and systems which help to ensure quality care across the board. One of the most important is Nourish. This digital care planning system contains the information required to provide person centred support – from support plans and risk assessments to personal information, likes and dislikes. Keeping accurate and factual records on Nourish is a vital step to delivering quality care.

Our ultimate goal is to create a great place to work where we are doing wonderful things for and with our people. We want to create a reputation that attracts and retains the best talent in the sector.
Rory, CEO

Expert Support, Advice and Guidance

At Precious, we have a number of teams that support the operations and support teams by providing additional expertise.

Clinicial support: Our in-house clinical team is a team of specialists from different disciplines, who work closely together to deliver additional support and expertise to the people we support at Precious.

Human Resources (HR): The HR team at Precious is responsible for ensuring that we employ the right people ad give them the right skills to deliver quality care that meets the individual and specific needs of the people we support.

Estates: Our estates team help us look after our properties. The estates team meet bi-weekly with the Chief Executive Officer and Director of Operations to review progress with maintenance issues.

Quality Assurance: Our Quality team set, implement and manage a robust set of measures and processes to ensure that our services are of a good quality.