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Patrick’s Story

Patrick’s life changing journey to independent living. A truly inspirational achievement.

About Patrick

Since moving to Dyers Mews in January 2018, Patrick’s progress has been phenomenal. When he first came to Precious Homes, Patrick needed 3:1 support due to self-harm, physical aggression and suicidal thoughts. He was also known for absconding, often putting himself in danger by walking into busy roads and trying to find ways to hurt himself and others.

Life changing Progress

Over the past two years, Patrick’s progress has been life-changing. With the assistance of Precious Homes’s in-house multi-disciplinary team and his support workers, as well as a lot of hard work and determination from Patrick, his support has reduced from 3:1 to 1:1. He is now able to visit the local shops and manage his own cooking and washing independently and is preparing to move into supported living accommodation.

“The key to overcoming this perception was to really listen to Patrick, gain his trust and give him the time he needs to express himself and let us know how he is feeling. All he really wants is to be accepted and loved. We praise his achievements, we let him know he is important to us and we encourage him to express himself. He has amazed us with his progress”
Patience Mukosa, Manager at Dyers Mews

Person-centred support and building trust.

With a focus on person-centred support, the team at Dyers Mews have worked hard to meet Patrick’s needs and build trusting relationships. When he first moved to the service, due to past experience in a secure setting, Patrick viewed support workers as “security guards”, something which the Dyers team have worked hard to overcome. Now, Patrick has said that the team at Dyers is the first team he has connected to since being in a care setting.

“I am now engaging in a lot of community-based activities such as football, going to the pub to socialise and ice skating. Keeping myself busy has helped me to feel good about myself and this has minimised the number of incidents.”

Planning for the future

In October 2019, in line with the goals set, Patrick completed a week’s work experience at Tesco. Patience worked with the manager of the local store to undertake a full risk assessment and make them aware of Patrick’s needs and the support available. The experience was a huge success, raising Patrick’s confidence and giving him invaluable experience of the working environment.

The team at Dyers Mews is working with Patrick to support his goal to move into supported living by December 2020, something which they feel he will be ready and able to achieve.

“It has been a privilege to be able to support Patrick to make such significant progress. The most amazing part of it is that he is now able to help his peers deescalate. If he sees them struggling, he’ll hold up his own progress as an example – “Look at me now”, he’ll say. He is incredibly positive and it is wonderful to see him encourage, support and inspire his peers. Well done Patrick, we are so proud of you!”

Patience Mukosa, Manager at Dyers Mews

Well done Patrick. We are so proud of you and we love you so very much.
Patrick’s Mum