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Get the lowdown on the MDT team

11 Jun 2020


Over the past 18 months, Precious Homes has invested heavily in its MDT team, bringing new roles in-house to ensure that we deliver the best holistic care for our service users. We check in with Merrilee Briggs, Head of the MDT, to find out more about our approach to multidisciplinary care at Precious Homes.

We’ve heard the term MDT mentioned, but what does it actually mean?

MDT stands for Multi-disciplinary team. An MDT is a team of health workers from different disciplines, who work closely together to deliver specific services to the service-users. By having an in-house team, we bring together professionals and practitioners from across different sectors to deliver person-centred, holistic care which focuses on the needs of the individual.

What specialisms does the Precious Homes MDT offer?

Our specialised and highly qualified MDT includes a Clinical Director, forensic and behavioural Psychology, Occupational Therapy (OT) and Speech and Language Therapy (SALT). Our MDT work in conjunction with our support teams as well as internal Training, Quality and Risk Management and Operational Teams. We also work closely alongside external partners including Behavioural Specialists, Psychiatry, dieticians and fitness experts.

Our in-house MDT can provide therapeutic and behavioural input in addition to the usual level of support. This is classed as an additional resource which has to be agreed individually with the funding authority.

How do I access support from the MDT?

There are a number of routes for accessing support from the MDT.

  • Commissioned support: Some of the services offered by the MDT are classed as additional resources which must be
    agreed individually with the funding authority at the time that the initial assessment takes place.
  • Advice and expertise: It is important to remember that we are also there to advise anyone who is looking for guidance, even if funding is not in place. Our Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) and Intensive Support (IST) teams are widely accessible to all and can be called on in times of need.
  • Incident monitoring: We work closely with the management team at every service to actively review incident reports. f our incident analysis suggests that there has been an increase in incidents/anxieties, a member of the MDT team will work with the person and the local support teams to offer help and guidance.
  • Staff Training: Our team of knowledgeable experts are on-hand to provide training and support where required.

Don’t all care providers have a multi-disciplinary team?

Precious Homes is pretty unique in the industry. While many care providers have access to an statutory/external MDT resource. This enables us to provide proactive support when a person needs it rather than having to make referrals to external teams which can often take time. Our MDT team have a really good understanding of our environment, ethos, advice, how we work, enabling them to offer consistent levels of support and resources. Where we do employ the expertise of outside specialists, the in-house MDT act as the conduit to ensure consistency of care and continuity of knowledge throughout the service-user’s journey with Precious Homes.

How can I find out more about joining the team?

Some of the professional roles, such as psychiatry, OT and SALT, will require specific and dedicated training from external providers. However, for roles such as the PBS and IST roles, we are more than happy to work with experienced support workers to offer the training and ongoing development required.

If someone you know might benefit from the support of the MDT, contact Merrilee Briggs, head of MDT, on

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