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Tony’s art commissioned by French Connection for charity clothing range

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We’re very proud to showcase and celebrate the work of Tony, who has recently been involved with a project with Headway East London and French Connection. The project has lead to Tony’s artwork being featured on t-shirts and bags which can be purchased via the French Connection website. 



Tony acquired a brain injury when he was involved in a traffic collision in 1981. He is supported at Chandos Road, our Specialist Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) and Headway Accredited Service in London. 


An established artist, Tony is a regular visitor to the Submit to Love Studios – home to a group of artists living with a brain injury – where he has developed his own unique artistic style. Tony’s ambition as an artist is for people to see his artwork and be provoked to “just think about it”.  (Photo, left, courtesy of Submit to Love website).


As part of French Connection’s commitment to supporting community initiatives, they have launched uniquely designed range of Submit to Love charity t-shirts, which feature Toy’s work. 20% of the profits will be donated to Headway East London, where the Submit to Love studio is based, to help fund their work in supporting brain injury survivors, their families, and carers.


“The reason people do art is enjoyment and a lot of concentration and also love. And it comes from the heart.”

– Tony Brooks

In an interview with French Connection, Art studio Coordinator Connie, commented: “Drawing is a laborious task for Tony. Paper must be taped to the table, black permanent marker uncapped, wheelchair positioned just so. Black lines move across the page slowly but with firm certainty. Sometimes they go off in the wrong direction and Tony writes ‘SH*T’ across work that has taken hours. When they go right Tony’s pride is palpable – he grins and signs his name with a flourish. Tony’s preferred subject matter is horses, with the occasional portrait thrown in. He’s a born storyteller, telling tales that will either make you laugh or cry.” 


More of Tony’s work is showcased on the Submit to Love website, which also features more information about Tony and his commitment to art. T-shirts can be purchased via the French Connection website.