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Residential Support:<br />
Supporting individuals to become as independent as possible in environments that they are proud to call their home.

Residential Support:
Supporting individuals to become as independent as possible in environments that they are proud to call their home.

What is Residential Support?

Our residential services and support are far removed from traditional models of support – with a focus on individualised environments, community integration, promoting independence and wellbeing and delivering better outcomes for individuals.

We provide support to people with some of the most complex needs, whilst actively encouraging individuals to become more independent, self-reliant and to have new experiences.

Our qualified team members provide each person with the care and support that they need, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – providing a safe, positive and stimulating environment.

Each service is carefully designed to meet the needs of the individuals—adapting provision to meet individual need, whilst ensuring staffing structures and training is built around each person.

For Jackie, a planned and personalised transition was the key in ensuring her successful community placement.

“Since living at Prince Regent she has been supported to live in the community successfully, transform her life and develop links and purpose locally.”

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Our Residential Services

A number of our residential services consist of individual flats and linked transition flats. Our individual flats provide people with complex behavioural and sensory needs with the space, low-arousal environments and opportunities for de-escalation that they require to progress. These bespoke environments prove highly effective in increasing independent living skills, confidence and self-coping mechanisms; enabling support to reduce as independence increases over time. Our transition flats also provide opportunity for greater independence. They are used as a stepping stone onto supported living and greater independence and are a positive way of equipping people with the skills that they need to progress, without losing consistency of support.

Our Support Teams

Our team members are our biggest asset and we are proud to have such committed, proactive and experienced teams supporting hundreds of people across the UK.

We are accredited with Investors in People and strive for excellence. We know that the continual development of our teams is key to success and progress.

More about our Support Teams

Our Multi-disciplinary Team

Input from our in-house Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) can be provided on top of a person’s support when people we support require further therapeutic and behavioural support and intervention. This is an additional resource for people who have had input and cost agreed with the person supported and/or their funding authority.

Input can range from rehabilitative support for someone in crisis; support for complex assessments and transitions; resolving and reducing emotional and behavioural issues through positive behaviour support approaches; observing, training and mentoring support teams; right through to simply being on hand to give extra advice and guidance to our support teams.

Our specialised and highly qualified MDT includes Psychology and Speech and Language Therapy (SALT). We also work closely alongside external MDT partners including Behavioural Specialists, Psychiatry, Occupational Therapy, dieticians and fitness experts.

Thinking of making a referral?
Take a look at our Referral Process or call our Referrals and Placement Team on 07550 188 004

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Our Referral Process

Our Referral Process

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