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Supported Living Plus, Dudley

We offer supported living plus services in Dudley for people with learning disabilities, autism, and physical disabilities. The service also supports individuals who are stepping down from secure units and hospitals including those who may have experienced previous placement breakdowns. Accommodation is managed by Golden Lane Housing, with support provided by Precious.


We work closely with Golden Lane Housing to support people to organise their accommodation, funding, and tenancies. Support is provided by the Precious team (Black Country Community Services), and tailored to meet the specific needs of each person, enabling them to develop the independence, skills, and confidence necessary to move on to more independent living over time.

As an award-winning provider of social care, Precious offers specialised support that is tailored around each individual’s needs. Our supported living and outreach teams work closely with Social Care professionals, Health and Community teams to ensure that support is co-produced with those we support, with a focus on ensuring independence, choice, empowerment and inclusion.

Tailored support, bespoke accommodation

The supported living plus service in Dudley has been very carefully designed, with an open plan yet homely space designed to allow easy passing spaces for wheelchairs as well as a spacious lift to access the first floor bedrooms.

Designed to be fully accessible, each of the eight rooms has its own bathroom with the facility for a hoist tracking system, as well as an open-plan bedroom and lounge area. An assisted bathroom with a motion reclining bath is also available for all. There is also an accessible communal kitchen with a height-adjustable sink and hobs. The large open-plan communal area offers opportunities for people to take part in shared activities which will help to build key skills and offer an opportunity to interact with others.

The flats have been carefully designed to provide a safe yet homely environment for the people that will live and work there. Rounded corners on walls, stimulating artwork and solid, stylish furniture, fixtures and fittings are designed with safety, accessibility and independence at their heart.

There is also a private garden and orangery, both of which have been designed to be fully accessible. The local park is close by, providing the chance to go out into the local community and enjoy some green space and fresh air.

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The Local Community

Located in the community of Netherton, less than two miles from Dudley, the flats have easy access to local shops, restaurants, sports facilities, social groups and health services. Access to these services plays an essential role in community integration, development of social skills, and facilitating positive relationships outside of the service.

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We provide a rapid response to referrals and we will normally arrange a professional assessment within a few days of your call.

Our highly experienced team will carry out a full and detailed pre-admission assessment, free of charge and without obligation, prior to a placement being offered. This focuses on understanding the unique needs of each person and forms the basis of the their support plans if they move into the service.

Referrals and Placement Team
Tel no: 020 8826 4343
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