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Spotlight on Patience Mukosa

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Patience Mukosa, registered Manager of Dyers Mews, one of our residential services in Milton Keynes, has received some fantastic feedback from a member of her team.

Writing to the regional operations manager, the anonymous employee, who started as a Support Worker in May 2019, explains:


“My purpose of sending this email is to express┬áthe joy and satisfaction I have experienced and still experiencing from my new manager, Patience Mukosa. She has been so inspiring, supportive, easy to speak to, always willing to help, a wonderful and a fantastic team player.

I am always very happy to come to work knowing that i have a manager who is always ready to listen and willing to support me at work. Just like most of my colleagues , who feel the same way. I am so pleased that I call her ‘the people’s manager’ because of her managerial skills and wonderful communication skills.

She has really transformed Dyers Mews, making it a wonderful and a happy place to work. We in Dyers are so pleased and very happy to have her as our manager.”


Patience started her Precious Homes journey back in 2008. With a couple of years of experience as a Support Worker with other care providers, as well as a caring and positive approach, Precious was quickly promoted to the role of Senior and then Team Leader. In 2018, Patience took on the role of Deputy Manager, progressing to Interim manager and taking on the role of Registered Manager of Dyers Mews in July 2020.

The letter was sent to Ashleigh Calder, Precious Homes’ Operations Manager for the area. Ashleigh added:


I agree Patience is a wonderful manager and I am very proud to work with such a genuinely kind and passionate person.