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Mosaic project is great news for Nicky

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nicky5Nicky, who lives at one of our Acquired Brain Injury specialist services, regularly attends The Mosaic Project in Hackney. As well as enjoying the opportunity to create works of art, Nicky also benefits from being able to sell his work through the project.

The Hackney Mosaic Project aims to help people with addiction and mental health problems and at the same time to improve neglected corners of the city. They engage volunteers, recruited both from the Hackney recovery Services and the local community, in making large mosaics in Hackney Parks and other locations. They also teach and encourage people to design and create their own artwork.


 It’s fun to do and I have made lifelong friends here!

Stephen, Manager of the service where Nicky lives, explains “Nicky has attended mosaic for 10 years this year and as his Brain injury journey has improved this has shown with his skills in hand-eye coordination and dexterity. Nicky really enjoys his time at Mosiac and he can earn up to £350 per mosaic. This is a real achievement for Nicky and he has demonstrated his artistic ability as well as having a great opportunity to spend time with other artists at the project.”

Nickys artwork
Nickys artwork

The Hackney Mosaic website states “The Project does not just make colourful pictures out of broken fragments – it also helps to piece back broken lives, and build a new community by bringing people together around a shared vision.”

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