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Job interview a great experience for Miley

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The team at Roman House would like to say a huge well done to Miley, who attended his first job interview today.

After seeing a vacancy advertised at the local dental surgery, Miley enquired about the role independently and was excited to be invited to interview. In preparation, he bought himself a new shirt and trousers and got himself ready in plenty of time.

Support Workers Rachel and Connor attended the interview with Miley, where they helped him to fill out the forms in his own words. Despite having to answer lots of questions on the written application form, as well as a long wait before he was seen, Miley remained calm and collected throughout.

Helena Piper, manager at Roman House where Miley lives, commented; “Miley has applied for many things over the years but never gone through with the interview. This is a massive achievement and experience and we are all incredibly proud”

During the interview, Miley discovered that he sadly wasn’t qualified for the role – the position was actually for a dental nurse. Despite the misunderstanding, Miley did amazingly well and the dentist and practice manager were both full of praise.

Rachel, who supported Miley during the interview, commented: “Miley was an absolute star and stayed so calm throughout the whole experience -all of which was very new and unfamiliar for him. We think he is amazing!”