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Team Highbury make the GBCA finals in FOUR categories

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IMG-20221119-WA0020A huge well done to the team at Highbury Gardens, who were finalists in **FOUR** categories at the regional Great British Care Awards.

Although they narrowly missed out on scooping the trophy, the fact that the team was named as finalists in four key categories is fantastic recognition of their tireless commitment to the people that they support.


A few comments particularly stood out from the raft of nominations:

“From the early days of starting off as support workers, both Cherry Anne and Irene have developed into strong front Line leaders with increased confidence. We have had many challenges especially in the last 12 months, with some of the people supported at Highbury increasingly anxious after lockdown – Cherry Anne and Irene have shown resilience and perseverance during these difficult times. They have shown great leadership and resilience in meeting significant challenging situations in this time, and in supporting each other throughout.”

“I have been very impressed with the leadership and vision shown by Irene and Cherry Anne as the two Seniors within the team. It is obvious that the staff team feel that they can go to the Seniors to ask for advice and support and are not frightened to do so. They are visible and are on the floor rather than being stuck away in an office. When I phone to check up on my son’s wellbeing, I am always made to feel welcome and they are happy to speak to me anytime.”

“The energy that Huda, Jess and Nazma bring to the care team at HG has significantly benefitted our son who has ever-changing complex needs. It is clear from the daily handover that we receive from Huda that she is passionate about her job and supporting our son and his daily needs. Jess has helped to develop our son’s confidence and remove some of his behavioural challenges by introducing clear communication aids such as social stories and picture symbols and choosing boards. This has helped our son to become more independent and responsible for his own daily choices.”

“Jess and Huda are thoroughly deserving of an award. They both go above and beyond what is expected of them and I truly believe that they are both really happy in their role. Their recent work painting a mural of a London double-decker bus on the wall, showing the residents of Highbury Gardens, was an outstanding work of art. It showed that they are prepared to go above and beyond their duties for the residents. The photos of my son leaving his handprints around their mural say it all, and show how happy and relaxed he is in their company.”