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Five reasons to consider a career in care

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“Despite perceptions, you can absolutely make a career in care!” Tony

As the Furlough scheme comes to an end, Tony Ferrari, Recruitment and Retention Manager at Precious Homes reiterates that the care sector offers a wealth of opportunity for those looking for work 

The sad reality is that there is currently huge uncertainty around what will happen to almost 2 million people who are currently still on furlough when the scheme comes to an end later this month. Firms that have struggled financially throughout the crisis may sadly have to make people redundant. 

Many of those people will have skills that are in demand, while others will be looking for new opportunities and considering re-training to build a new career. 

As someone who has worked in the sector for many years, I’ve learned that there is a real opportunity there for everyone. Whether you have care experience or not, the training and support you get mean that you can quickly excel and climb the ranks into more senior positions – despite perceptions, you can absolutely make a career in care. 

Here are my top five reasons to consider a career in care: 

  1.   Values come first 

Whether or not you have experience in care, the most important thing to us is that you have the right values. That you can respect and support someone to achieve their goals in life. We believe the rest can be learned. 

We offer comprehensive inductions and training for those who are new to care and ongoing career development to support you to achieve your career goals. With the right attitude, the sky is the limit.  

  1. You can make a difference 

Whoever you work with, you have the potential to make a massive difference to someone’s life. While one of the primary motivations for going to work is to earn a pay-packet, most people also want to feel that they are doing something that is worthwhile and that they are valued. Working in care is an opportunity to make every second count – your support could quite literally change the lives of the people you work with. 

  1. A structured career path

We believe in celebrating success and recognising achievements. We also believe in promoting people from within. A lot of our managers started as care workers – we’ve worked with them to hone their skills, invested in their training and ensured that they climb the career ladder with Precious Homes. 

  1. Achieve qualifications on the job 

This is a career you can start without any qualifications at all. However, it doesn’t have to stay that way! During your time in the role, you’ll have the opportunity to work towards degree-level qualifications through our structured Learning and Development pathways. 

  1.   Ongoing demand for high-quality care workers

While unemployment looks set to climb, there are also a rising amount of vacancies out there. With demand for adult social care set to rise, care is one sector where we will continue to need great people who do a great job. 


Visit our recruitment pages to find out more about working in care. Or, if you’re looking for work, why not check out our vacancies page?