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Sean’s independence leads the way to acting class

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seanWe would like to say a huge well done to Sean, who we support in one of our residential services in London. Sean has always had an interest in acting and has his own YouTube channel. where he loves making funny videos. It is his dream to be famous. As a step towards his goal, as well as a hobby, Sean recently joined an acting club called Screen Beans.

Screen Beans is 2 hrs away from where Sean lives. The staff team worked hard with Sean to teach him the route and how to keep safe in the community. As well as offering lots of praise, they consistently used the same route, getting Sean used to where to go and what to expect. They then worked with his social worker to develop a plan around Sean traveling to the class independently.

As a result, Sean is now going to his screen bean activity on his own. Sean and the team have been really pleased with this outcome and he is delighted to add another thing to the list of activities and tasks he can do on his own. Well done to Sean and his team!