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Putting you at the centre of everything we do to make sure that the support you receive is the support you want.

Putting you at the centre of everything we do to make sure that the support you receive is the support you want.

Our key aim at Precious Homes is to make sure our support for you is person-centred and responsive to your unique needs and qualities.

Our teams’ policies, training and practice promotes the message that no matter what your support needs, you have the same rights to life as everyone.

Focusing on you

We focus on your skills, strengths and assets – looking at what you can do, listening to what you want and then working together to set plans to achieve your goals, dreams and aspirations.

Our support can help you: increase your skills around your home; go shopping, budget and save for a holiday; find a job or go to college; take your medication; complete personal care tasks; take part in a new activity; keep in touch with family and friends; make new friends and connections in your community; keep active or get fit, and make you feel safe at home and in the community.

At 38 years old – Tofayal was discharged from a rehabilitation centre and returned to his home with his wife and two young children. After some time at home, Tofayal’s family decided to look for a residential service which specialised in acquired brain injury rehabilitation.

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Encouragement, support and Motivation

Our teams give you encouragement, support and motivation to achieve your goals. This can include self-coping techniques, helping you to deal with anxiety, increasing your confidence, providing emotional support and offering advice and information.

The focus for us is on what is important ‘for’ you as well as what is important ‘to’ you. We can link into your family, friends and other professionals to support with this.

Helping you to be in control of your life

Your key worker/s will aid your understanding and make sure that you are fully in control of driving forward your support plan, recording goals and reviewing your changing needs regularly.

Our key drive is to make you proud of your achievements as you increase your independence and experiences every day.

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Who we Support

Who we Support

We support individuals with autism, learning disabilities, acquired brain injuries and behaviour that may be described as challenging. We also support those with a dual diagnosis, such as physical disabilities, associated mental health needs, those stepping down from secure settings and/or people who have had previous placement breakdowns.

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Our Pathways and Bespoke Environments

Our Pathways and Bespoke Environments

we use a proactive service model with mapped out pathways for each person so that they can focus on increasing skills, confidence and independence, as they transition to independent living.

The key aim is to reduce support as independence increases every step of the way.

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Our Support Teams

Our Support Teams

Our team members are our biggest asset and we are proud to have such committed, proactive and experienced teams supporting hundreds of people across the UK.

We are accredited with Investors in People and to strive for excellence. We know that the continual development of our teams is key.

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Bringing person-centred support to someone with very complex needs enables them to self-manage their behaviours and build confidence and links in their local community

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