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Our team members are our biggest asset and we are proud to have such committed, proactive and experienced teams supporting hundreds of people across the UK.

Our team members are our biggest asset and we are proud to have such committed, proactive and experienced teams supporting hundreds of people across the UK.

We are accredited with Investors in People and committed to strive for excellence. We know that the continual development of our teams is key to achieving this.

Investing in our teams

We invest and value our team members by providing each one with at least eight days of face to face training on top of mandatory and online training annually. This training is bespoke to the specific needs of the people they support – often adapting and creating training sessions for our teams.

This investment leads to consistent teams who are highly trained, qualified and skilled in the key areas of; behavioural support, crisis prevention and enablement, including MAPA; CPI Intervention and RESPECT.

Person-centred approaches and Positive Risk Taking are the key basis to all training. Our practices look at risk in a positive manner so that we can balance people’s ability to try new things against the risk safely.

Precious Homes’ dedicated staff teams are its most important asset and our investment in their continued professional development and training is essential.

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Our Multi-disciplinary Team

Input from our in-house Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) can be provided on top of a person’s support when people we support require further therapeutic and behavioural support and intervention. This is an additional resource for people who have had input and cost agreed with the person supported and/or their funding authority.

Input can range from rehabilitative support for someone in crisis; support for complex assessments and transitions; resolving and reducing emotional and behavioural issues through positive behaviour support approaches; observing, training and mentoring support teams; right through to simply being on hand to give extra advice and guidance to our support teams.

Our specialised and highly qualified MDT includes Psychology and Speech and Language Therapy (SALT). We also work closely alongside external MDT partners including Behavioural Specialists, Psychiatry, Occupational Therapy, dieticians and fitness experts.

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Our Person Centred Champions

As part of our drive for further person-centred thinking and approaches across our teams, we are proud to be introducing Person-Centred Champions into our support teams.

The Champions are current Precious Homes’ Support Workers who have been chosen for their enthusiasm, commitment and the genuine passion they demonstrate within their day to day roles.

The role of the Champions will involve conducting regular person-centred reviews, implementing Action Plans and feeding into Precious Homes’ wider quality assurance monitoring.

The Champions will be using person-centred thinking and approaches to help the people they support to have more control and choice in their lives including ‘what’s working’, ‘what’s not working’, what is important to that person and really begin exploring aspirations and how they can be realised further.

“It’s not about doing more but about doing things differently – being creative and working in partnership with individuals and people involved in their lives to drive forward their ideas and aspirations – and subsequently achieve their individual outcomes.”

Bespoke Support

On hand to deal with and observe practices, our MDT support our frontline community teams in the key areas of: transition; assessment; support planning; crisis management; and the delivery of bespoke team training in line with individual need.

Members of this team spend 1:1 time each week with individuals referred to them: adapting support plans, risk assessments and strategies, with a focus on enhancing communication, developing consistency and utilising positive behavioural support approaches.

Our team provide specialised intervention: working in a preventative capacity to establish behaviour patterns and aim to equip people with the skills and support they need to take control of their lives.

Working closely with external specialists and professionals, our MDT ensure joined up thinking and approaches, co-producing change and sharing information, resources and best practice.

Our in-house MDT take the pressure off our health and social care partners – reducing their costs at a time when this is needed most – with the ability for high quality specialist intervention, advice and support to be met by Precious Homes.”

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