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Our key aim is to reduce support as independence and confidence increases, every step of the way.

Our key aim is to reduce support as independence and confidence increases, every step of the way.

Our Support Pathways

At Precious Homes we use a proactive service model with mapped out pathways for each person so that they can focus on increasing skills, confidence and independence, as they transition to independent living.

The key aim is to reduce support as independence increases, every step of the way.

The success of our pathways model is the consistency, experience and bespoke training of team members matched to individual need. Our support opens up people’s experiences, supports them to utilise community facilities and engages them in meaningful relationships with friends and family.

Each person’s pathway is their own personal journey and we are proud to support people each step of the way as they transform their lives at their own pace.

Sarah’s fantastic journey from hospital through to full independent living in her own flat in St Albans.

Read Sarah's Story

Bespoke Environments

We can respond quickly and flexibly to individual needs in a bespoke way, adapting change around each person.

We know that a service for one person may not be suitable for another – and so, our approach is to shape provision so that we can be responsive to behavioural, sensory, or physical needs.

The key focus is on environments and developing services that people need and that can be personalised specifically for them.

We are creative and take a tailored approach, working at the planning stages of all placements to look at what people really need and adapting or creating the right service around them.

This can include adapting an existing service to meet a particular sensory need, right through to creating a bespoke property with our housing partners.

Bespoke Properties

The services we have developed and are continuing to develop, are creating truly bespoke living environments in the community for people who need support – no matter what their level of need.

We involve our building partners right at the planning stages to look at the layout, environment and building regulations so that we can work creatively to maximise the space available.

For new properties, this includes looking at what innovative practices we can link with to make our services fully integrated into the local community and a valuable resource in the regions we work.

Thinking of making a referral?
Take a look at our Referral Process or call our Referrals and Placement Team on 07550 188 004

Goldcrest Court, Turaco View & Osprey Mews

Join us for refreshments and tours of our newly developed 4-person supported living plus service in DUDLEY on Thursday 5th March 2020 10am-6pm. Call us on 020 8826 4343 for more info

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