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How is my support and placement funded?

How is my support and placement funded?


Your Local Authority (council) in England may cover some or all of the cost of your care which is ‘means-tested’. Who funds your care depends on your social care and health needs and what level of care and support you require.

If you feel that you require social care and/or health services, you should:

  • Contact your local authority to have your care and support needs assessed. This is usually known as a ‘Care Needs Assessment’. This is an assessment of your day to day support needs and considers both accommodation and support.
  • If the Local Authority identifies you as requiring support, they may also assess your finances to determine what proportion of the cost of your care will be funded by the Local Authority, if or how much you need to contribute towards this, or whether you will have to fully fund these costs yourself.

Types of Social Care and Health Funding

Local Authority funding

The NHS funds all of your long-term support in a non-clinical, community based placement. Individuals with highly complex health needs may also qualify for this and will require a Continuing Health Care (CHC) assessment.

Click here for more information on NHS / Continuing Healthcare Funding

Joint Local Authority and NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding

Your funding is shared between the Local Authority and the NHS. Individuals with a completed Continuing Health Care (CHC) assessment but who do not qualify for full NHS funding may be funded in this way. An NHS assessment will cover continuing health care needs.

For Residential placements, both accommodation and support are funded by the Local Authority. However, for Supported Living Placements, only support is funded by the Local Authority. Accommodation is funded through housing benefits and a tenancy is drawn up with an external social landlord.*

Click here for more information on joint Local Authority and NHS Funding

Individual/Personal Budget

This is where the Local Authority assesses an individual’s care and support needs and means, and allocates a specific budget to fund this. A support care plan would then be agreed between the individual and their local NHS team, to show exactly how this budget will be used (care and support, activities, therapies, equipment etc). The individual can then choose whether the Local Authority should select a service and support, or whether they would like direct control of the budget themselves.

This aims to empower individuals with complex needs with increased choice and control over their healthcare and support.

Click here for more information on Individual/Personal Budget Funding

Direct Payments Funding

An individual will receive an amount of money directly from the Local Authority and will manage their support services and payments themselves – choosing how this is spent across their support package. Help and advice with finding the right support and service will be provided by the Local Authority who will put you in touch with a brokerage team. The amount of money provided by the Local Authority will depend on an assessment of the individual’s needs, and will consider how much support is required.

Click here for more information on Direct Payments Funding

We work in partnership with Golden Lane Housing

We work in partnership with Golden Lane Housing to support individuals to organise their accommodation funding and tenancies across our London Supported Living Services.

Golden Lane Housing are a not-for-profit organisation who provide specialist landlord services. Their Housing Officers set up Tenancy Agreements with individuals we support and support them to claim housing related benefits such as Housing Benefit entitlement.

When an individual moves into our supported living services, a designated Housing Officer will visit them to complete their tenancy sign up. This is usually within one week of the individual moving in. To facilitate this process – support team members, advocates and alternative methods of communication are often used based on individual needs and preferences.

We work together to support individuals to maintain their tenancies in relation to their rights and responsibilities. This is a key element of supporting individuals to live independently in the community long-term.

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