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ZeZe Jones launches her personal story of mental health

24 Mar 2020


“I overcame wanting to die by learning how to want to live. I survived. This is the story of an ex-suicidal.” ZeZe Jones, Miscellaneous Memoirs of the Mad


At the age of only 18, ZeZe Jones, who now lives in our supported living service in Birmingham. has been on an unbelievable journey through the UK’s mental health system. After spending time in eight different secure psychiatric units over the course of four years, ZeZe is determined to use her experience to affect positive change in the future of mental health provision.

To make sure that people truly understand her journey, ZeZe has captured it in a book, which is now available to buy on Amazon. In her amazing and heartfelt account, entitled “Miscellaneous Memoirs of the Mad”, ZeZe tells the story of the gradual process of rebuilding the foundations of her mind. From being suicidal and requiring round the clock 3:1 care, to moving into supported living, attending college and being a passionate, motivated and eloquent advocate for mental health.

ZeZe’s official book launch took place at L’Uccello café, our social enterprise café based at Swan Court in Birmingham, on Friday 21st February. The café was packed with people, each one there to offer ZeZe support and celebrate her achievements. As part of the event, ZeZe prepared a speech, which included excerpts from her book.


She commented, “I’ve been to two accute wards, two psychoatric intensive care units and a low secure. I’ve been moved across the country from Staffordshire to Sheffield to South Wales and back to Birmingham. I’ve been from 2:1 and making serious attempts on my life in a secure unit to being psychotic. But now, here I am. I am a mental health ambassador with different organisations, an expert by experience, an advisor at a university, training junior doctors on mental health, a research lead for a mental health improvement group and, more recently, I have become co-chair. More importantly, I am the most well I have been in seven years. Look at me now. I am immensely proud, I have come a long way in my recovery and have a long way to go, but I have built a life worth living.”

Rebecca Crawford, registered manager at Robins View, also spoke at the event: “All of the guys in Robins View have been through such difficult times, the battles that they’ve fought and the journeys they’ve been on. The fact that you’ve got the strength to carry on and dedicate your time to helping others is simply remarkable. It is not often that we as professionals get such an amazing insight into what it is like for you. That is why I think this book is so important. I am so proud. You blow me away, every day.”


Today, ZeZe works with mental health co-production steering groups as an Expert by Experience. She also advises on youth mental health research and lectures on Speech and Language Therapy, Social Work and Mental Health Nursing degree courses at two universities in Birmingham.

ZeZe’s book, Miscellaneous Memoirs of the Mad, is available from Amazon.

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