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14 Nov 2016

Rajesh Kaylan, who is supported at Diligo House in London, has shared these fantastic photographs of his recent holiday to Portugal – his very first trip abroad!

Rajesh, who is supported to live in his own tenancy in Brent, embarked on his first holiday outside of the UK supported by team member Manny Friars.

Manny explains, “Rajesh has never been abroad so we have supported him to achieve his dream of going on holiday with a week’s break in a villa in the South of Portugal.”

Rajesh certainly made the most of his break with a jam-packed week of sight-seeing and activities.

“Rajesh went on a boating trip, climbed to the top of the mountain, visited the caves and took a train ride. Each day he wanted to venture out and really make the most of the time he had and see as many things as possible!”

Now back home, Rajesh is busy planning his next holiday, working with his team to research cruise holidays and making plans for this goal to be achieved next year.

An amazing personal achievement!

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