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Veryan Place – Transforming Lives

09 Dec 2016

The Precious Homes’ team at Veryan Place in Milton Keynes have completed some amazing work over the past few months working with the individuals they support to achieve some key personal goals and outcomes – overcoming complex transitions to really transform their lives.

Veryan Place is a three-person residential service for people with a range of complex needs including autism spectrum disorders, mental health needs and learning disabilities.

Stephen, who moved into Veryan Place just three months ago has truly turned his life around in this short space of time. He has further developed his independent living skills, personal care routine and is getting involved in lots of meaningful and engaging activities.

Support Worker David explains: “Stephen has bipolar disorder and requires support to manage his mental health. When he first moved into his new home, Stephen was highly anxious and had frequent behaviours which may be described as challenging. He had no involvement in any activities, his personal care and health were poor and he needed significant support with his social skill development.”

“We ensured Stephen felt comfortable by building positive and trusting relationships in which he could feel assured that we were there to support him and his health and wellbeing. Stephen responded well to this approach and began to interact and accept his support – we quickly saw results.” David adds.

Stephen is now managing his personal care routine and is managing his emotions in a much more positive way. He is friendly and engaging and is taking part in lots of new activities and opportunities.

“Stephen now loves going to the gym, going for walks and accessing the community regularly. He is motivated and interested. The change in his engagement and enthusiasm compared to when he first came to the service is huge.”

The next step for Stephen is to further increase his daily living skills with shopping, budgeting and money management high on the agenda.

“Stephen struggles with managing money and often buys things he doesn’t need; this often centralises around food and can cause Stephen’s anxiety to increase. Our next focus is on managing risks around shopping and developing and empowering Stephen to use coping mechanisms to support his anxieties in this area of his life.” David adds.

The outcomes achieved with Stephen in just three months are inspirational and we look forward to finding out more about Stephen’s journey as he continues to make huge steps towards furthering his independence.

Lisa Galloway, Director of Operations – Central Region, said: “Over the past ten months, the team at Veryan Place have worked really hard to settle two gentlemen with highly complex needs, who have now began to live meaningful and full lives in the community. Positive behaviour support and person centred thinking approaches are really helping to transform their lives.”

Well done to the team at Veryan Place!

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