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TY’s Window on the world

11 Oct 2019

ty1TY moved into Veryan Place in Milton Keynes in 2014 and has recently made a huge breakthrough!

TY has Fragile X Syndrome, an inherited condition which can cause a wide range of difficulties with learning, as well as social, language, attentional, emotional, and behavioural issues. For TY, the syndrome means that he has spatial issues, doesn’t like people to get too close and is startled by sudden moves.

To help manage these issues and make life more comfortable, TY has developed a coping technique which involves interacting with staff and other residents through a window in his
living room.

Wendy Porter, Registered Manager at Veryan, explains: “We’ve worked very closely with TY for the last 5 years, developing techniques which allow us to support TY with his needs through
the window.”
In mid-August, for the first time ever, TY asked if he could help paint and tidy up the garden ready for the gardening competition.

Wendy continues, “This was a huge step forward for TY and he really enjoyed the day. He has also started coming out to hang his washing out and did his own flower pots. Ty is an amazing young man and this breakthrough means he is able to enjoy helping to take care of his home.”

TY added, “Staff support me through the window in my lounge as this is how I prefer it to be done. I spend most of my time in my lounge either watching TV or playing on my play station 2&3 and X box. I sometimes make noises when I am playing on my computer and this is because
I am happy.”

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