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Treow House Hate Crime!

17 Jun 2019

In May, Police Community Support Officers, were invited into Treow House in Bedfordshire to talk to the people living at the service and team members all about hate crime, internet safety and safeguarding.

treow house

Team Member, Nichola Keeler, organised the event, she said: “Almost all those living at Treow House participated in the activity. The session involved the community police coming into Treow House to talk to the people we support about these key issues and to give them advice on staying safe when they are out in the community.”

The session was well received and a fantastic way to not only explain what Hate Crime is, but to empower individuals to recognise, respond and report when they, or someone they know, is a victim of abuse.

Manager Jo Rodell said: “We would never want any of our guys to be a victim of Hate Crime so this was a wonderful way to get the information out there. The people we support have come away with much more knowledge on how to keep safe and a greater understanding of the support out there for them if they ever need to report a crime or safeguarding incident.”

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