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Transforming Oxley Park

03 May 2019

Oxley Park, one of Precious Homes’ Residential services in Milton Keynes, has undergone a huge renovation over the past few months, transforming the service in response to an individual’s very specific environmental needs – another fantastic example of creating a truly bespoke and best practice led placement.


Wendy Porter, Registered Manager at Oxley Park, explains the need for the transformation, “GH, who has now moved into Oxley Park, is only 17 years old and was referred to Precious Homes from a step down secure unit in Bedford. In order to meet GH’s very specific environmental needs we needed to make some key changes to the service to ensure it was safe and accessible for him.”

The two bed Residential service underwent a series of renovations transforming the space into two separate living areas.

“The service is over three floors so we knocked down walls and created two separate living and bedroom areas for the two individuals – with shared kitchen and downstairs communal space. The minimalist design is perfect for GH’s needs – creating a peaceful and spacious environment that can reduce anxiety and keep him safe.

Wendy commends the maintenance and building team’s amazing work, “Ray, Tallish and Gary did a fantastic job, not just in terms of the structural changes but in ensuring all the required safety aspects were installed in a homely and aesthetically pleasing way.” Wendy adds.

This work included designing bespoke covers for items such as the TV and radiators, anti-ligature fittings, stain glass windows and installing accessible fobs on all doors as an extra safety measure.

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Wendy explains why these safety measure are required, “GH has autistic spectrum condition and behaviours that may be described as challenging, including harm to himself and others. The features we have included are in place to keep him and others safe – creating an environment very bespoke to his needs which he can enjoy and feel safe in.”

GH’s first few weeks have been a huge success, getting to know his new team and enjoying trips to the cinema, bowling and local skiing facility.

“He’s really settled in and is getting on very well with his team. We have mainly got a male team supporting GH as he responds well to young males – sharing similar interests and having lots of energy! Prior to transition we met with his mum and social worker to carry out staff matching and this has certainly paid off as the team are working very well together and GH is doing amazing.”

The team are now looking to source a bespoke college course for GH to increase his learning and enhance communication through one-to-one support with Precious Homes internal Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT).

“GH has been working with our internal Speech and Language Therapist to increase and capture his communication needs – at this stage we are getting to know him, his likes, dislikes and to increase our understanding of his anxieties and how we can effectively support his health and wellbeing,” Adds Wendy.

CG, who also lives at Oxley Park, has responded well to the changes and is happy with the transformation and his new housemate moving in.

“We’ve helped CG better understand the changes through his personalised communication methods and the process has not caused any anxiety or worry for him, explains Wendy. “At times there was a lot of building work going on, but CG took it all in his stride!”

Greg Lapham, Chief Executive Officer, is delighted with the result, “I have visited Oxley Park recently and the work the team have completed to ensure the environment is right is absolutely amazing. We have really invested both money and creativity to ensure the service is as perfect as we could make it and meeting the needs of both the men living there. This is truly another example of Precious Homes going that extra mile and making a difference to those that we support – ensuring our team are working in an environment that is fit for purpose and meets the needs of those that we support. Hats off to everyone involved, you have all done an epic job!”

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