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Training our Champions

14 Nov 2016

Our team of Person Centred Champions kick started their new role with a two-day training session earlier this month in preparation for their work in driving forward new person centred approaches across our teams. We caught up with Operations Director, Debbie Allsworth, who facilitated the sessions.

Debbie explains, “Following the appointment of our Person Centred Champions we held two training sessions, in both London and Birmingham, at the end of October as the first step on the team’s journey.”

The sessions involved a two-day course facilitated by Debbie to equip the team with the knowledge, theory and practical tools they will need in order to start implementing Precious Homes’ new person centred approaches.

“As a team we explored the history of person centred planning, looking at the Government’s White Paper and exploring why person centred approaches are so important in each of our roles. It allowed the Champions to really reflect on the principles of choice, and question: Do they really offer choice? Do they really listen to what the people they support are telling them? Are we really capturing their views?”

The sessions placed a real focus on communication and the range of tools that can be explored for people with limited verbal communication to aid this process.

“We looked at video diaries, using photographs and utilising images as well as all the tools and practices we can implement to make sure we capture the views of people who experience difficulties in communicating.”

One of the key messages from the days was placed on evidencing, with the team working through Precious Homes’ newly designed 3-month Person Centred Review document, Monthly Monitoring Outcomes Form and Activity Workbooks, which they will be supporting people to complete within their new roles.

“Our new documentation allows Champions to really evidence and review the work being done so we can look at what needs to change, what has worked well and which can demonstrate to individuals, families and our commissioning partners the work being done to achieve individual goals and outcomes.”

The workshops were a huge success and well received by Precious Homes Champions across the UK. Attending the London session was Senior Support Worker Kerida Hopwood, she said: “It was amazing! The sessions were a real eye opener and I have got a stack of ideas and tools that I can really implement at the project. I am feeling confident moving forward in my role as Person Centred Champion and am looking forward to working with the guys to make some positive changes.”

Debbie concludes: “The two day sessions really were a huge success and the enthusiasm and commitment from our Champions was fantastic to see. I not only feel confident in the team’s ability to go out there and start making some positive changes, but have got some inspiring ideas to take to Precious Homes’ Executive Team on how we can really drive forward approaches and meet our aim to deliver truly outstanding provision.”

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