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The Spotlight’s on Anna – snapping her way to success

01 Jun 2016

Each month we put the spotlight on a team, team member or a service itself. Here, we introduce Anna Koenner, a Manager from our North London team, who has worked at Precious Homes for coming up to 10 years!

Just returned from maternity leave, Anna tells us how she is busy juggling her home and work life, as well as introducing some new initiatives in a bid to drive forward excellence across her services.

“It’s like I’ve never been away!” Anna explains. “The team have been working hard in my absence and it’s fantastic to see the outcomes that Individuals have achieved over the past 10 months.”

Anna, who is now a busy mum of two, came back to work after having her second child in April, and is nearing her 10th year of working at Precious Homes.

“I joined as a Part-Time Support Worker whilst I was studying, and at the time it was ‘just a job’ for me, I never thought it would become my career! But I loved it, and so began completing additional training and gaining qualifications within the sector, resulting in internal promotions – and it all grew from there.”

Anna now manages three of Precious Homes Supported Living Services across Brent: Diligo House, Verney Street and The Avenue; and manages a team of twenty.

Anna has jumped straight back into work with CQC inspecting her services just a few weeks following her return.

“We have just had a CQC Inspection under the new rating system so are eagerly waiting to hear how we’ve got on. I am pretty confident as I know the team across my services do a fantastic job.”

Anna’s services have scored top marks following recent internal audits and have also received positive feedback from Precious Home’s external auditor, who praised the detail and creativity within her service’s support planning documents.

“My focus now, and a real personal goal, is to improve things further. Since coming back to work it’s clear that both internal and external auditors need us to further evidence good practice and outcomes.”

“As a Manager you know about all the fantastic things the team are working on and helping Individuals achieve – but actually demonstrating and evidencing this when asked by CQC or our Internal Quality Team is a real challenge.”

To combat this, and stage one of Anna’s plan, is the purchase of cameras across her services for staff and Individuals to use to promote their successes.

“Pictures just bring things to life – as well as being an excellent way to evidence successes and goals.” Explains Anna.

On a recent polling day one of Anna’s team supported a man to vote for the first time.

“To say we supported him is one thing, but now to have a photo of him with his polling card just before he voted, means we can really demonstrate the achievement of his personal goal.”

The team plan to use photographs not only as evidence but also as a way for the Individuals to record their successes.

Anna adds: “We want to develop a ‘My life booklet’ as a tool that Individuals can look back at as a record of their successes and achievements – something they can be proud of.”

Anna thanks her team for their consistent commitment and looks forward to seeing each service development further.

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