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Spotlight on Jonathan

03 May 2019

This month we caught up with Jonathan Irving, Director of Operations over Precious Homes London and Devon Services, who joined Precious Homes in August 2018 and will soon celebrate his 40th year working in Health and Social Care.

Jonathan explains the numbers, “When you say it out loud it seems so high! But I have worked in the sector since I started higher education and it’s now coming up to 39 years, so 2019 will be my 40th year in the sector.”

A learning disability nurse, Jonathan’s experience covers all aspects of adult health and social care – specialising in working with individuals with complex needs.

“I have experienced a lot of situations, but the majority of my work has been working with adults with very complex needs including autistic spectrum condition and forensic history. This has been within hospital environments and community settings – people who have been rejected by many services or sadly had placements fail, but with the right environment and support have turned their lives around.”

Jonathan’s values align with Precious Homes and the reason why, at this stage in his career, it is the perfect setting for him.

Jonathan adds, “When I first met the team at Precious Homes I knew it was the place for me. The organisation is very progressive and forward thinking and I could see a real drive for innovation, doing the right thing and delivering the very best services they can. It’s not just environmental and quality assurance aspects, which are central to Precious Homes’ delivery, but excellence in all areas of training, recruitment, induction and support.” One thing I have realised in my work is that there are many situations where we feel we have to come up with answers for, but the person themselves often has the answer and we have to listen to what they are telling us”.

Jonathan’s region covers the whole of London and includes Torquay in Devon. With nine Mangers and 13 services the region is set to increase further.

“We’ve just re-launched Verney Street which has been a huge success and undergone a renovation at Lucentio House – in both cases there has a been a huge focus on creating bespoke environments and ensuring homely and fit for purpose services for people with complex needs.” Jonathan adds.

The region has a host of new services in the pipeline and will be sharing plans over the coming months.

Jonathan concludes, “I am excited to be leading my team and to be part of the development of new services where the focus is very much on shaping support and environments around the person – ensuring that people with very complex needs can live in the community successfully and achieve the very best quality of life.”

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