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Spotlight on Highbury Gardens

04 Aug 2016

This month the spotlight is on Highbury Gardens – Precious Home’s mental health residential service located in Ilford, London.

Here we speak to Registered Manager Marie Goodwin to find out more about the service and hear future plans for the provision.

Home to 4 individuals with mental health needs and associated substance misuse, the team at Highbury Gardens work with people in crisis, to rehabilitate and increase independence. The team take a person-centred approach to support people to self-manage their mental health and addictions in a supportive and homely community environment.

Marie Explains: “The service is male-specific and many of the individuals living at Highbury Gardens have moved from hospital settings and have a range of mental health needs. This includes dual diagnoses, with some individuals experiencing drug and alcohol dependencies.”

The service has capacity to support two more Individuals and the team are currently working with Local Authorities and CCG teams to look at options for people moving back from out of area or out of hospital that could benefit from Highbury’s support –compatibility with the other residents being vital.

“Although each individual has their own spaces, there are shared communal areas and we need to ensure that we get the environment and balance right. Support needs range from depression to complex mental health needs and we work closely with our internal Multi-Disciplinary Team and Community Mental Health Teams locally to deliver effective support linking to other specialist services as required.” adds Marie.

The team take a person-centred approach: continuously monitoring fluctuations in mental health and mood to tune in with the individual and deliver support at the most suitable and effective times. Focus is also on ensuring that individuals do not become dependent on support.

“The key aim is to support people through recovery, by equipping them with self-coping tools and opening up their experiences and links in the community.”

For one individual living at the service, this has involved supporting him to get back in touch with his family in a bid to re-establish lost links and relationships – a vital part of the recovery journey.

“We have supported him to visit his daughters and this is now a weekly event. They are such a key part of his life and this is a huge achievement and milestone for him.”

Marie has some big plans for the service, specifically focussed on increased team training, which will be completed over the next 12 months. Environmentally, the service is also currently having a mini-makeover to increase the standard and homeliness of the environment.

Marie concludes: “We want Highbury to develop further into a local specialist mental health provision, continuing to achieve outcomes and successes for the people supported, with a focus on delivering outstanding care and support to the men who live here.”

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