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Precious Homes helps to launch #SparkleForSocialCare campaign

07 Apr 2020

Precious Homes is helping to launch a campaign to recognise the vital role of care workers during the coronavirus crisis. 

The company is joining forces with other social care providers to encourage people across the UK to  ‘Sparkle for Social Care’ on Monday 13th April. The campaign is intended to show appreciation for the 2 million care workers across the UK by using anything that sparkles – from tinsel to fairy lights – as a sign of support for those who care for society’s most vulnerable.

Say thank you to care workers by putting something that sparkles in your windows or wearing a sparkly outfit and post photos on social media using the hashtag #SparkleforSocialCare

By continuing to provide care for those in desperate need during this crisis, care workers are potentially putting themselves at risk. There is a nationwide shortage of personal protective equipment, PPE, meaning care workers are having to carry out their roles, often with little to prevent them from being infected.

Mitesh Dhanak, Founder and Chairman at Precious Homes, commented, “Care workers play a vital role in supporting some of society’s most vulnerable people. Our teams are doing a fantastic job of caring for the people we support and keeping them safe, happy and busy during lockdown. We’re delighted to support the Sparkle for Social Care event to show the 2 million care workers across the UK that they are valued. We hope to see as many people as possible getting involved, either by sharing pictures of their sparkles or by donating a small amount to the social care appeal.”


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Financial hardship: Care Workers Charity Covid Crisis Grants 

When a care worker does become ill or needs to self-isolate, they are unable to work. This can lead to many falling into serious hardship. Within days of the Care Workers Charity launching its Covid-19 crisis grants, it had received thousands of applications from care staff who were in crisis because of coronavirus. As well as putting something that sparkles in their windows or on their clothes to show their support for care workers, the campaign also aims to raise £1million for the Care Workers Charity Covid-19 Crisis Grants. Care staff, personal assistants and support workers can apply to the charity for grants if they are unable to work because they are self-isolating. Donations can be made at:

Executive Director of the Care Workers’ Charity, Karolina Gerlich, added, “The current crisis is bringing real hardship, not just for those who are isolated and alone because of health conditions, but also for the tireless women and men who care for them. Right now, care workers are working longer hours, and in more difficult conditions than ever before. They are sacrificing their own health to care for others.

“Many care workers live pay-cheque to pay-cheque, and they are terrified by what might happen if they can’t work due to coronavirus. Our appeal is designed to help those care staff affected by the disease. When you consider all they do for society and for our loved ones, the least we can do for them is ensure they don’t go into debt because of Covid-19.”

How can I show my support?

Precious Homes is asking everyone who is thankful for the hard work of care workers to join the #SparkleforSocialCare movement by putting some sparkly decorations in their windows or wearing something that sparkles each Monday starting on the 13April, and posting a photo on social media with the hashtag #SparkleforSocialCare.

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