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‘Socks and Chocs’ Day in Birmingham

26 Feb 2016

The start of 2016 has brought with it some extreme weather and it’s been a very challenging time for the homeless who are living out on the streets. An estimated 3,000 people across the country sleep rough each night and some of our service users and staff felt inspired to help the homeless in Birmingham which sadly has one of the highest rates of homelessness in the country.

Karen Gill, Deputy Manager of 23 Fountain Road, organised a team of volunteers to run a ‘Socks and Chocs’ day, where warm socks and chocolates, and other items of clothing and bedding, could be handed out to those in need.

The event was inspired by the work of the charity Socks and Chocs, a Birmingham-based charity that works with homeless people across the city.

The day started with Karl, Charmaine, Mandy and Karen preparing the chocolates and packing up the socks ready for delivery. They were then joined by Jack and Lisa and the team took to the city centre streets to brace the cold to deliver their parcels.

We received some wonderful feedback from our service users who took part.

Jack from Arthur House said he had “a nice warm feeling inside”.

Adrian from 23 Fountain Road said “It felt good to help others” and as the event finished he thanked the staff for attending and organising the event.

But some of the most inspiring comments came from the people they were distributing the socks and chocs to. Some were also offered sheets and extra socks but declined saying “Thanks but there are others out there who need them more than me.”

The Birmingham team are thinking about doing a second delivery in a couple of weeks so if you have any unwanted socks, hats, scarves or warm clothing that you don’t need please send them to Karen Gill and they will be gratefully received.

We’re really proud of our team for doing their bit to help the homeless, well done everyone who took part!

For more info about Socks and Chocs please visit

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