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Precious Promotions

11 Oct 2019

Congratulations go to Elleese Deer and Kirsty McGuire, who have both been promoted to senior support workers across Fenny Mews, Stratford View and Fenny Community Services.

Ashleigh Calder, Manager at Fenny Mews and Stratford View, explaines:

Elleese Deer

Elleese Deer (2)

“Elleese started as a support worker in October and she is a great team-player, very well respected by her peers and she is always smiling. Nothing is ever too much of an ask for Elleese and she has a fantastic ability to keep calm in crisis situations. Well done Elleese, you deserve it!”

Kirsty McGuire

Kirsty McGuire

“Kirsty started as support worker in May 2018. She has really strong admin skills and is particularly great at using Nourish. She has really helped to get the new services on board as well as personalising timelines for Fenny/Stratford to make them person-centred. She always goes the extra mile and thinks outside the box. Another well-deserved promotion – well done Kirsty!”

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