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Precious Homes celebrates National Autism Awareness Week

28 Apr 2016

National Autism Awareness Week took place between 2nd -8th April 2016 and services across Precious Homes took part in activities, such as Onesie Wednesday and cake days, to show their support.

The theme of the week was ‘Too Much Information’ which worked towards challenging the myths, perceptions and stereotypes of autism. The National Autistic Society described their motivation behind the campaign as:

“Most people have a filter between themselves and the world, one that allows them to choose what sound to listen to, or which person to look at. Some autistic people don’t. Our campaign will try to show the consequences of removing that filter, in some cases simulating what it’s like to be hit by a sudden, overwhelming amount of information.”

Wherever possible Precious Homes provides bespoke support for individuals with autism, tailored to their individual needs, such as low arousal environments and a range of alternative communication methods. Our managers and staff receive specialist training where they learn to see the world through the eyes of people with autism, and continuously work in partnership with the individuals they support to ensure that their needs are met.

Thank you to everyone who took part across Precious Homes, a great effort for a fantastic campaign!

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