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Person-centred review helps Michael fulfil his goals

20 Jan 2020

As part of our commitment to ensuring truly personalised support for every individual at Precious Homes, we hold regular person-centred reviews. For Michael, who is based at Falcon Mews in Birmingham, his December review was an opportunity to chat to his support team about his goals for the month.

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Identifying individual goals and aspirations

Becky Crawford, Registered Manager at Falcon Mews, explains, “Every person-centred review is based on working with the people we support – and their loved ones – to give them more control and choice in their lives. We sit down and chat about ‘what’s working’, ‘what’s not working’, ‘what is important’ to that person, as well as identifying key goals and milestones. As part of this, we work with individuals to explore their aspirations and put an action plan in place to help them to realise these goals.”

During Michael’s review in December, the team uncovered two key goals and immediately set about creating an action plan which allowed Michael to fulfil both of his aspirations later the same month.

Becky continues, “One of Michael’s goals was to have a tailored suit, the other was to meet with real businessmen. After his meeting, I managed to pull some strings and get him a visit to the local TNT offices.”

Achieving his personal goals

In early December, Michael achieved his first goal, attending a suit fitting and walking away looking very dapper in an immaculately fitted and very smart suit. The only thing that stood out more than the stunning new suit was the smile on Michael’s face when he looked at himself in the mirror.

Suited and booted, Michael was ready to fulfil the next part of his goal. On the 19th December, Michael got a VIP visit to the local TNT depot, where he had lunch, met the team and was given a full tour around the depot.

Becky concluded, “Michael loves anything to do with post and packages and was absolutely delighted to visit the depot. The fact that it was almost Christmas meant that it was a busy time, which was really exciting. As well as having a fantastic day out and fulfilling his goals, Michael was by far the best-dressed person on site!”

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