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Peer-to-peer support at Roman House

11 Dec 2019

Adil moved to Roman House in October last year. His previous placement was surrounded by countryside, which Adil and his support team used for his daily activities, going for long walks and keeping him fit and healthy.


While the countryside was perfect for keeping fit and healthy, it was quite isolated from the local community and Adil found it quite distressing to go into busier environments such as the local supermarket.

Since moving to Roman house, the support team have gradually started to integrate Adil into the community, starting with taking him for walks in wide open spaces to then going to more local places such as parks. Although Adil lives with five other service users, he rarely spent any time with them in the past. In September this year, Adil, Bianca, MIley and the support team from Roman all went out together. Miley and Bianca often go out together and understood that this was Adil’s first time. They were brilliant at supporting Adil by remaining calm and interacting with him in a supportive way. Well done to Adil, his team and to Miley and Bianca for offering peer-to-peer support and encouragement.

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