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Paul’s Journey to Independence

17 Jun 2019

Paul moved into Precious Homes’ Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) Service, Chandos Road, in East London in 2018. Now, just over 12 months on, Paul’s life has been transformed and his team are proud to share his amazing journey with us.

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Service Manager, Ovais Ilyas, explains: “Each person’s brain injury is very individual, and no two approaches are the same. For Paul, his brain injury had meant he was experiencing disorientation and confusion. Paul had been very active prior to his brain injury, being a keen mountain climber.”

When Paul moved into Chandos Road from hospital in 2018 he was receiving 24/7 support and unable to access the community independently. The team’s key role upon transition was to support Paul to increase and ‘relearn’ skills including: self-managing his personal care, increasing daily living skills, managing his money, going to appointments, and accessing the community.”

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Ovais adds, “The focus was on developing Paul’s planning skills, providing structure, feedback, and motivation through praises. The team worked with Paul to break down each of his goals into smaller steps – helping him increase his learning, recognise and celebrate each achievement and provide him with the support he needed to progress.”

The impact this support has had on Paul has been immense – now a year on his life has transformed.

Ovais adds: “Paul now accesses the community independently – going to the local shop, completing his weekly food shop in ASDA and buying fish and chips from his nearby takeaway all on his own!”

To keep Paul motivated the team have also worked with him to increase his activities based on his likes and passions.

“Since living at Chandos Road, Paul has successfully completed a beginners Archery Course; has taken up Tai Chi and has also become a volunteer for British Heart Foundation! A huge personal achievement for him.”

Chandos Road is accredited with Headway – a quality accreditation driven from the perspective of people living with a brain injury and encompasses evidence based practice. To find out more about the service go to: www.precious-homes/service/chandos-road

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