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Oxley Park Eco-Warriors!

24 Mar 2020

Everyone at Oxley Park has been channelling their inner eco-warriors in an attempt to do their bit for the planet.

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Stephanie, Support Worker at Oxley Park, explains, “You hear so much these days about the effect on our environment. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for our staff and service users to recycle the rubbish which might otherwise have gone into landfill or ended up polluting our oceans.”

To make this possible, Oxley Park now has dedicated recycling bins, clearly marked with signs which help staff and service users to identify exactly what can/can’t go into them.
As well as making sure they are sorting anything that goes into the collections offered by the council in Milton Keynes, the team are going one step further and collecting the polythene used for packaging, which they are then taking to a designated bin at their local supermarkets.


Stephanie added, “I’m really proud of everyone at Oxley for getting on-board with this initiative. Everyone is trying really hard to make sure that we do our bit for the planet and understand what can be recycled. We’d love to start a trend and are happy to share our posters with other Precious Homes services if they want to join in.”

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