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Our Mi Casa Team – driving forward outcomes

01 Jul 2016

Our team of the month for June are the Mi Casa team from North London, acknowledged for their fantastic support provided to an Individual (SC) to achieve a range of outcomes enabling her to have new experiences in her community.

The team support SC in a very person centred way: valuing everything that she does and working proactively to open up new experiences and self-manage behaviours. In response SC is more confident in carrying out her daily tasks and her behaviour has reduced significantly.

A key accomplishment has seen SC fulfil her dream of accessing her mini bus – previously not used due to anxiety. The team have worked in a proactive way, using lots of social stories and reflections on lessons learnt to continuously make improvements.

Now SC accesses her mini bus to access the community, go shopping and to eat out without any signs of agitation.

Manager Grace says: “Well done to the team for their hard work, dedication and perseverance in working with SC. There were days where things became very challenging but they maintained integrity and professionalism at all times.
I am a very proud manager.”

Simon Griffiths, Director of Operations adds: “I am amazed by the improvements SC has made in recent months and delighted with this outcome for SC. Well done to the whole team.”

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