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National Care Home Open Day – celebrating success.

01 Jul 2016

Throwing open their doors to the community, Precious Homes teams from Birmingham, Bedfordshire, London and Devon joined thousands of care homes from across the UK on the 17th June to celebrate National Care Home Open Day.

National Care Home Open Day is an annual event aimed to connect care homes with their local communities, challenge misconceptions about residential care and show local people the excellent services that are at the heart of their community.

In keeping with this year’s theme of ‘celebration’, Precious Homes hosted a series of events, awards and parties with families, friends, neighbours, health and social care partners and local communities invited to attend.

Greg Lapham, Chief Operating Officer explains: “The open day allows care homes to have the freedom to decide what they do during the day to demonstrate the services they provide. In response our teams hosted a series of events to demonstrate the excellent work taking place across our teams.”

Treow House in Bedfordshire hosted a joint event for individuals from the service, as well as their local outreach services and nearby Precious Homes’ services St Albans, Oster House and Milton Keynes.

Joanne Rodell, Manager at Treow House explains “We wanted to host a joint event where everyone could come together and really celebrate the day – with Individuals, friends, families and Social Workers invited to attend.”

Celebration was certainly the theme of the day with over 50 people attending to enjoy the BBQ, raffle, games, face painting and the awarding of medals!

Jo explains “As National Care Home Day’s theme was celebration we purchased gold medals for the people we support. Each Individual at Treow House was awarded a medal, as well as a gift voucher, to recognise their individual and personal achievements from the past 12 months.”

In other regions events were also in full swing: in Birmingham Arthur House and Chamberlain Road opened their doors and new hub with events and activities taking place in the newly renovated grounds. Prince Regent in East London and Lucentio House in Devon hosted huge BBQ’s with families, friends and teams joining individuals to celebrate in style.

Greg Lapham, Chief Operating Officer says “All our events were a huge success and we would like to thank everyone who came to support and join us in celebrating National Care Home Open Day at Precious Homes.”

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