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This month’s SeeMe Heroes!

11 Oct 2019

Our new SeeMe Heroes award is designed to recognise people from around the business who really live the SeeMe values. Our heroes this month are person-centred champions who are honest, transparent and outcome focussed and put excellence, choice, dignity and independence at the heart of what they do!

Ashleigh Calder is this month’s Hero. She has been nominated by Wendy Porter.

Wendy explains, “Ashleigh is an inspiration to everyone. She always gives her service users and support team her all. I’m very proud to be a manager that works alongside Ashleigh in Milton Keynes As managers we all try to put our teams before ourselves, but Ashleigh goes the extra mile. Over the last year, I have seen her go from a good manager to a confident, amazing person. The new services are presenting her with new challenges, which I know she will overcome and bring them to the same wonderful standard as Fenny and Stratford. Ashleigh really does go the extra mile.”

This month’s Heroic team is the Vermont House Team. They have been nominated by Marie Brown.


Marie explains, “Staff at Vermont House have worked really hard to support service user ST to access the community daily with reduced levels of support. Following a very unsettled period for ST, staff have worked with community teams to look for strategies that worked for him. They help him to plan his week around where he would like to go and what he would like to do. They reassure him and make sure he knows what his plans are. This has resulted in a dramatic decrease in behaviours that challenge and a calmer, happier environment within the service.”

We know there are lots of unsung heroes out there, so we’re shining a spotlight on this month’s nominees. You are all heroes to us!

Alnwick Road Team
Nominated by Ben Kigozi

“The Alnwick Road Team has been incredibly caring and compassionate to our dear SC who had a terminal illness. They passionately supported him over and beyond what they are paid for, including going over in their free time and on weekends, even when we had no funding for him just to make sure that he is surrounded by those he loved most. It has been a very long and tricky time for them, but they were there with him in large numbers on his last day before he sadly passed away on the 21/07/19. They demonstrated what true caring and compassion is all about. So proud of them all. RIP SC.”

Nathan Hearne
Nominated by Angela Sharpe

“Nathan has worked hard to support a new service user with communication issues – he has brought his skill and strong person-centred work ethic to provide significant stability at a time when this person was undergoing a very difficult transition. He has worked at giving staff the benefit of his experience and is sharing his rapidly developing knowledge with them daily. Nathan is aiming to support his co-workers to develop effective strategies to ensure our new occupant develops trustful relationships with the team that support her.”

Wendy Porter and Claire Croucher
Nominated by Jodie Gorman

“I am nominating Wendy and Claire because they supported me with kindness when I was suffering with my mental health. They also go above and beyond when supporting service users.”

Rachel Murphy, Dalia Coleman, Merrilee Briggs, Jo Walsh, Hannah Hawkins, Effie Veremi, Jonathan Irving, Darren Hinder
Nominated by Anglela Sharpe

“The team and I have had a tough few months – all of a sudden we find ourselves surrounded by Blue Cows! the support these people above have offered and given me and the team at Lucentio has helped us all to push on and come through, still smiling, still making a difference and definitely #proudtobeprecious. Thank you!

Claire Croucher.
Nominated by Wendy Porter

“I would like to thank Claire for stepping into the deputy role for the last few months. She stepped in when I was on leave and kept all 3 services ticking over. She has really supported me and the team and gone above and beyond. I’d like to say a huge thank you. With Claire and my new deputy, Sophie Dyer, we have an amazing management team in place!”

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