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Lockdown Mental Health Resources for people with autism and learning disabilities

20 May 2020

how-to-become-a-support-workerCoronavirus is not just a crisis of physical health; it is also a crisis of mental health. People are isolated, away from family, friends and other support networks, or trying to support others in very difficult circumstances, and loneliness will inevitably increase. While these challenging times will particularly affect people with existing mental health problems, the additional pressure and uncertainty are resulting in a widespread need for people to take care of their mental health.

As well as making sure that you are supporting one another and asking for help when you feel you need it, there is a wealth of information and advice out there to support people to monitor and look after their own wellbeing during the coronavirus outbreak.

The Autistic Society website has a range of fantastic support information for people with autism and their families or supporters. Their top tips include:

Anxiety about unexpected changes or events: Your plan and routine has changed. So make a new one. Even if you’re self-isolating, structure each day and time. Build-in points in the day for exercise, eating and fun activities.

Take time to process information: Give yourself time to absorb and process each piece of news and make sure you have a source to go back to and re-read when you need to. Try to get your information from more stable sources like the BBC ~ or directly from the Government.

Social anxiety: If you’re stuck at home with people you usually don’t spend that much time with, or are used to going out and having your own space, you might need to let them know that you require distance and your own time.

Communication and interaction: If you’re finding communication difficult right now, then let people know that at times of stress you might find communication, especially verbal communication, harder than usual.

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Other helpful mental health resources during lockdown:

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