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Lawrence McAlinney

Here we meet Lawrence who after being a builder for over 30 years decided to become a support worker.

Lawrence is a Support Worker at Treow House – one of Precious Homes’ supported living service in Bedfordshire.

“One of my daughters had a stroke when she was just 10 years old and this led to a number of health issues which required me to take time off work and become her main carer. At the same time my brother in law suffered a brain tumour and I was very involved in supporting his journey to recovery. It was a huge shock and change to my normal day to day life, but it gave me my first real insight into what is involved in care.”

A meaningful career: from building homes to building lives

Lawrence has worked as a builder and also a lorry driver for over 30 years, but when he started thinking about returning to work he realised his focus had changed and he wanted to find more ‘meaningful’ work.

“I started looking for care jobs on the internet and realised there was a huge demand. I was shortlisted for two jobs I applied for, and following the interview process was offered both – but my heart was tipped towards Precious Homes.”

Focus on values, not experience

Lawrence was selected via a recruitment process which focuses more on values and attitude than skills and experience and towards.

Our Recruitment Process


“Our belief is that recruiting people with the right values, and then providing the training they need to increase their care skills – as well as knowledge of best practice, requirements of the care commission and our own values – is the best platform for success.”
Precious Homes Manager Joanne Rodell T

The service users at Precious Homes also play an active role in the recruitment process – with several of the people supported at Treow House involved in recruiting Lawrence.

Rapport is key to providing a high standard of care

“I now support all the individuals who interviewed me on the day. I built a great rapport with them from that very first experience and I’m delighted to be on an amazing journey with them as they increase their skills and independence at Treow House.”


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“I simply love what I do. It is so rewarding and although a massive life change, I have never been happier or more fulfilled in all my 30 years of working. I still help out friends and do odd jobs using my building and trade skills – but care is where my heart is, and I would not change it for the world.”

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