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Honourable Mentions for June:

17 Jun 2019

Alison O’Meara & Marcelo Moreira: nominated by Ashleigh Calder.
She said: “For their help and support in the region and for introducing me to colleagues from the Birmingham Region – I have found this really useful and now have wider links of support.”

Elleese Deer: nominated by Wendy Caisley .
She said: “I want to nominate Elleese for her continued effort and positive light she gives to all the people we support and our team.”

Kirsty McGuire: nominated by Nicola Bailie.
She said: “Kirsty has completed some amazing work recently on some important transitions which have had very positive outcomes – she is also our ‘Nourish Genius’!

Angela Sharpe: nominated by Nicola Stapleton-Tully.
She said: “For conducting and being committed to delivering PH training. She does this by herself and shows that she enjoys it, providing great feedback from her sessions.”

Ayo Ayinde: nominated by Ashleigh Calder.
She said: “Ayo is a such a great member of our team, she has consistently worked hard and does a brilliant job at supporting everyone. The service would not be the same without her! Thank you for everything you do.”

Nana Abenea: nominated by Claire Croucher
She said: “Nana kindly agreed to take my daughter’s missing poster with her on a weekend trip to Holland. I asked her to place one at the airport as she landed. She made a trip to the main train station and placed a poster there as well. She asked a passer-by to video her at the airport as proof to me she had completed her mission. The words she said made me cry. She is a truly wonderful person and I and my husband are so grateful.”

Smyrna Jaunbocus: nominated by Ashleigh Calder.
She said: A huge well done to Smyrna for organising our charity event at Fenny Mews and Stratford View for Willen Hospice. She has done a fantastic job making sure we are all set for our ‘declutter and donate’ week at both services.

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