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Honourable Mentions for January

11 Jan 2019

Birmingham Services: nominated by Alison O’MearaI, she said:
“I would like to nominate all the services in Birmingham which include Vermont House, Swan Court, Falcon Mews, Robins View, Ulysses House, Arthur House, Chamberlain Road, and L’Ucello Café. The Managers and teams at these services are so committed to delivering high quality support – ensuring that the people we support are at the heart of everything they do.”

Amy McLaughlin, nominated by Emma Storrie, she said:
“Amy always works incredibly hard as part of the Business Development Team and completes every day and every task with a smile. Amy is a huge asset to the team and organisation and has developed strong internal and external relationships due to her delightful manner and strong work ethic. Thanks for all your hard work Amy!”

Diamantina Kodra: nomintaed by Marcelo Moreira, he said:
“Diamantina is kind, approachable and supportive to all the people we support and her fellow team mates and has fast become an invaluable addition to team Arthur House! Thanks for all of your hard work and the passion you show to the service.”

Cameran Zaman: nominated by Louise Thomson, she said:
“Cameran has been working at Swan Court for around 18 months and his growth in skill and confidence has been fantastic to see. He is a true team player and is always the first person to jump into situations and help out when he is needed.”

Ginette Collendavelloo and Danielle Browne: nominated by Tony Ferrari, he said:
“Both were instrumental in the success of the awards ceremony of 2018. They rose above and helped to create an outstanding, memorable and critically acclaimed event for the whole of the company.”

Helena Piper: nominated by Wendy Porter, she said:
“Helena is amazing as my new deputy – supporting the team to be person centred in the way they write on nourish. She has only been in post a few months but has already made a massive change in her way of thinking and supporting the team.”

Nicola Bailie: nominated by Ashleigh Calder, she said:
“Nicola has been working as my deputy for just over one year and she has been consistently amazing since she started, with her passion and eagerness to improve the service, she is a great colleague and her dedication to support individuals to live meaningful lives is commendable.”

Veryan, Tolcarne and Oxley: nominated by Wendy Porter, she said:
“We have new members within the team that have really supported each other to learn from the current support workers to embrace all the changes and become an amazing team. They are truly a team to be proud of.”

The Head Office Team: nominated by Wendy Porter, she said:
“Each person at head office is always ready with help and advice – always going way above their roles. As a manager I would like to thank each of them for all they do for us over the year.”

Alexander Lawrence: nominated by Kirsty Hopcroft, she said:
“Alexander has not been with us long but has shown great determination and hard work with the people we support. He has fitted in with the team very well and gets along with all the individuals and knows his job role well. Well done you are a credit to the Dyers team!”

Dyers Mews Team: nominated by Kirsty Hopcroft, she said:
“The team really get along well and bounce off of each other and also support each other as we do with the people we support. I enjoy coming to work with a strong team that support each other. Thank you everyone.”

Marc Handley: nominated by Kirsty Hopcroft, she said:
“Marc is a great support worker and has really strived in his job role and gives 100% to his team and the people he supports. Marc has had such an improvement over the last few months he should be very proud!”

Alexandra Lawrence, nominated by Lauren Bida, she said:
“Alexandra only started a few weeks ago but has settled in so well – getting on with everyone at Dyers, who all enjoy his company. He is a real asset to the team!”

Hayley Perkins, nominated by Karen Gill, she said:
“Hayley is relatively new to the team but has already become a popular member of our team. Hayley has made a positive contribution to person centered approaches. Thank you Hayley it’s great to have you as part of our team.”

Jakeh Brown and Joyceline Appiah-Kubi: nominated by Helena Piper, she said:
“Since starting at Tolcarne Avenue three months ago they have worked closely together to support an individual to become more engaged in physical activity – supporting him to change his lifestyle and improve his health and wellbeing.”


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