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Honourable Mentions

11 Dec 2019

We know there are lots of unsung heroes out there, so we’re shining a spotlight on this month’s nominees. You are all heroes to us!

Sara White

“Sara white from Treow House has just taken Donna (one of the people we support) aways on holiday. Donna had a dream holiday, having a fabulous time and Sara did a fantatsic job of keeping us posted (and making us very jealous!). Donna chose to go to Tenerife and enjoyed swimming, going to the wildlife park and all in all having a fabulous time.”

Jenny Taylor – Nominated by Wendy Porter

“Jenny has worked so hard to give Kelly the amazing front room she had asked for over the weekend. She not only supported Kelly but has decorated the room in rainbows, flowers and Disney’s Ariel and Nemo, as well as supporting Kelly to get a beautiful new sofa on freecycle. It looks fantastic, thank you Jen!”

Mustapha Bah – Nominated by Ovais Ilyas

“Over the last few months, Mustapha has made some excellent breakthroughs and built a strong and trusting relationship with one of the most challenging people that we support. He has supported him with home visits, mosque visits and also by taking him to visit his favourite place.”

Martin Mutan Dawari – Nominated by Ovais Ilyas

“Martin has been a team leader at Chandos Road since 2017 and has played an important role in Chandos receiving its Good CQC rating. Martin has gone above and beyond to organise BBQ parties at Chandos, decorating the garden and cutting the grass in preparation. Martin has also lead by example, with an excellent attendance record and punctuality.”

Dan Murphy, – Nominated by Nadia Mumtaz

“Dan is extremely hard working and does his best to support the team. Dan encourages staff to be organised and well-driven when it comes to supporting our service users. Dan’s positive energy reflects back on the team when he shares his ideas and thoughts to move forward.”

Jodie Hammond – Nominated by Fetije

“Jodie, our team leader, is very task orientated. She is full of energy, has the drive and determination to succeed and is not afraid to go the extra mile. Jodie always puts service users at the centre of everything we do and has been extremely helpful to me from the day I first started. Thank you!”

Jessica Digweed – Nominated by Ashleigh Calder

“Jessica is passionate about her job and has always done so many things to help service users achieve their goals and help improve the service. Jessica has taken the lead with the activities and has created the internal ‘Fenny news’ newsletter. Jessica is definitely a hero and she embeds the values every time she is at work.”

Jess – Nominated by Ross Morgan

“Always smiling, positive and full of energy.”

Merlin Mews – Nominated by Elenor Milne, Jesscia Impey, Mollie Davis and Sophie Edwards

“Work well as a team, good communication.” “As a team, we always ensure that any task is fulfilled to the highest standards, ensuring the best outcome.” “We have built a strong foundation for a bright future here at Merlin Mews.”

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